Today is Seamus Johnston’s birthday. He would have been two. And I just know him and Gray would be the best of buddies.

Unfortunately I walked into Seamus’ life on April 22nd, the day before he died, so April 23rd is a day that hits me the hardest. But for my sweet friend, Sharon, today is just as hard. Today is his birthday. It would have been his second birthday. And Gray would have been invited to his party and they would wrestle together and throw balls and I’m sure hit each other as I’m finding out is just more natural for boys to do. They would have had chocolate cake all over their faces and run around like crazy little men. Their dads would have stood together laughing at their antics while I held Mac and Sharon hosted the party. They would have been friends, like we are friends, and today I grieved that for Gray. Because MAN would he have been blessed to grow up next to Seamus.

So this morning just Grayson and I went to Bread Co. (Panera), got some bagels, dropped them off for Tom and Sharon and then went to the cemetery. I’ve never been to his grave site before and I decided I wanted to take Gray with me (who really didn’t understand what we were doing of course). So we brought his favorite ball and of course had DogDog with us and for 15 minutes we played at Seamus’ grave. Because I wanted Seamus to have a few minutes of a normal two year old boys birthday I guess.

Grief, I’m finding, is different for everyone. And although to a lot of you it may sound insane that I took my son to a grave this morning, for me it was perfect.

Seamus, we miss the friend you would have been to Gray. And we think about you all the time, not just today, but for today… well… I hope you liked watching some soccer!