While Jodie and Kim are off being awesome, they asked me to post my most recent blog post on their site as well.

Sooo…hi. I’m Katie. You can find me at Mohr from the Mohrs.  You just met us a few posts ago in March.  We were in a space ship.  Of course.  And a field. And a wheel barrel. With a question mark, a cape and a picture frame.

Speaking of picture frames, my husband is an artist and musician (and about 12 other things) so he loves making simple things around the house into a project.  This far into our marriage, I’ve stopped rolling my eyes and now wait patiently (sorta) until his vision comes to fruition. Cuz it’s usually worth it. So, here’s a little DIY, or DIR (Do it, Russ) as we call them around our house:

This was a foam board print from one of our Fresh Art shoots (before it was Fresh Art, technically, we’re so cutting edge).  Russ couldn’t just put it in a frame and hang it on the wall.  Which I’m thankful for however it meant I had to wait. Blah.

Russ bought all parts for this at the Depot of Home. One part plywood, one can of sample paint, and some basic hardware.  Cheap and easy, just like I like my…nevermind.  Paint the wood and let it dry.  Then hand some rocks to your 3-yr-old and let him throw them at said painted plywood to give it that hardcore/distressed/aged/urban feel. Drill a few holes. Mount an awesome photo and BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA!  Happy wife.

And there you have it.  Well, at least that’s where we have it.  At the top of the stairs, actually.

My guest post is almost over and I’m worried if it’s all that it could have been. {insert Tiffany song}.  Thanks for reading, thanks for any comments, thanks for adding my blog to your reader.  (HA! shameless?)

Have a great weekend Fresh Art Lovin’ peeps!