I started shooting professionally back in 2007 and NEVER would have considered myself a headshot photographer. Headshots seemed boring and stuffy and too posed and I never did (still don’t) understand the corporate world so I just never thought they were for me.

Then I moved into my current studio, gosh, 4 years ago now, and suddenly I woke up a headshot photographer. I couldn’t even tell you who trusted me first but someone did. I for sure couldn’t tell you why I agreed to the first one except I’m sure I just needed the money. But now they are one of the biggest parts of my business and I LOOOOOOOVE them.

I love connecting with other adults when kids aren’t running around distracting us with their cuteness. I love helping people, especially women, truly see their beauty – sometimes for the first time in a very long time. I love giving my very brief body positivity speech when someone asks me to edit pounds off and I REALLY love later when that same person loves their mostly unedited photos. I love the conversations. I love the vulnerability I get to see in clients who are super nervous and also the fierce confidence and love some people have who walk in 100% ready to go. I always joke that even capturing lawyers (who almost always need the most basic of basic headshots) is really fun – and it is.

But I’ve also noticed, after 4 years of shooting dozens and dozens of headshots – is that some people just need a super quick 10 minute update and not the full hour or the chats or all the posing or the multiple outfits. Some just need that one good shot and then need to race back to work.

Out of that need was born my idea for the Headshot Mini Sessions!

Headshot Minis will happen one day per month at a discounted rate of $65. This includes my full editing in both color and black/white, multiple poses, a larger gallery to choose from and one high-res image. There are upgrade options just like in all of my sessions. There is only one outfit allowed and no time for hair or makeup styling help from Crystal. These are quick and easy headshots for the person that doesn’t need or want any of the fluff.

Click here to book (I am taking July off from Headshot Minis b/c of travel plans and will add fall dates soon) – https://app.iris-works.com/customer/booking/57b441dd-a75d-4a37-8781-532181dac6a4