I’m popping in quick tonight with a little sneak peek for Heather! I feel like the theme of my summer on the blog is I WILL CATCH UP SOON and then I never do. My kids are just at the most FUN age! Chris is home, my kids are home and I’m shooting a bunch so sneak peeks are getting a little neglected… but they’re coming I swear! We had an awesome weekend, I have a newborn in the studio tomorrow so before I hit the hay EARLY tonight I wanted Heather to see how beautiful she is before I get to meet her little bundle in a few weeks!

Isn’t she adorable? Thanks so much guys!

I hope you all have a great start to your week! Oh and isn’t it such a bummer there are NO fireworks this year because of the drought/heat? Ugh! This was the year we felt like the kids were old enough to stay up that late too! SO disappointed!