I was so excited when Bailey’s sweet teacher was able to bring her son to our mini sessions! He’s the cutest little man and I’m so glad to know a little guy I can pass Gray’s clothes down to since I only have nieces and no nephews! But of course, as cute and sweet as Henry is, I’ve gotten to know his mom better so far this school year. Carrie has been such a blessing to our family. Bailey LOVES school and it’s all because of her. From day one when Bailey saw her straight hair she was in love! Bailey covets straight hair, poor kid! HA!

Anyway, we love her. And I hope I can get to know HER even better this year. Get to know her as a person, a woman, a mom… because I know she’s an amazing teacher so she must be an even more amazing person outside of school!

Carrie brought her mom along and although Carrie REFUSED to get in any shots we were able to capture Grandma with Henry and I love them! I’d love something like this of my mom with my kids!

Thanks for bringing Henry all the way downtown Carrie! And thanks for teaching my baby girl this year… Kindergarten is so important and we’re so lucky to have you as her teacher!