Let’s hear it for another addition of me wasting time on the internet! I’ve found recently that unless I have my TODO list literally sitting next to me on the couch or at my desk I get very little done b/c the distraction that blogs and the internet provide can keep me happy+busy for hours! I seriously thought I left procrastination in the dust in my early 20’s but it has leap frogged its way into my early 30’s via blogworld and ETSY!

Here we go.

1. If you are a photographer you have to watch THIS b/c it will make your chin hit your chest at the pure awesomeness the folks over at Adobe are cooking up! Kim and I are anxious now to make the big upgrade!

2. I think we have a lot of photographers that read our blog (do they? hello?) or I wouldn’t post THIS link but I think if you are a photog you should go participate! GO!

3. I’ve linked this blog like a MILLION TIMES but she always rocks out the awesome ideas so go check THIS out and try it before Easter! I love the idea!

4. Rebekah Westover out of Utah is an awesome photographer but THIS session she did with her kids was just to die for in my opinion! Wish I knew someone with small farm animals so I could copy her with my own kids… although the idea of Gray with little animals does kind of freak me out. For the animals. Great work Rebekah!

5. Talk about stealing ideas? Totally yanking THIS idea of my friend Sara for the grandma’s in our life this Easter! MOM/TERRI DO NOT LOOK AT THIS LINK!

6. I am CRAZY proud of my friend Katie for THIS she got posted on Design Mom! Katie you are awesome and that story makes me cry EVERY time I read it!  And did you see the linkage we got on Design Mom? Oh yeah I was totally excited about it! 🙂

7. THESE totally crack me up and are perfect for me b/c I know NOTHING about wine but sometimes it’s nice to bring something to dinner… I am in love with them b/c it then takes all the apologies out of the gift! 🙂

8. Stacy’s blog is one of my favorites and it’s where I get tons of ideas (like the item listed in #7!) so really I could just link the entire blog but THIS idea is one of my recent favs and since I have a ton of jars just might be showing up for Easter gifts this year!

9. Amelia and Justin Lyon are incredible photographers but THIS post I saved b/c I thought it was so awesome. Check it!

10. I know I’ve shared this before but THIS is still really freaking cool! HA!

11. Oh yes! I am on link overload today!

12. I want THIS book for my kids b/c of THIS post. Great idea!

Alright. This edition of how to waste a ton of time on the internet is officially over! It is a rainy+gloomy here today but after all the awesome sun I’m ok with it. I’m thinking we might need to start wintering in Florida though b/c rainy spring days don’t bother me but MAN do the countless weeks of gloom all winter take their toll on my being! Anyway, I’m fighting a crazy cold that stemmed from some crazy allergies I had down in KY last week so we canceled a fun Grandparent dinner we had planned for tonight… and now instead we’ve invited Bailey’s BFF over for their very first sleepover! The perfect way to make me feel better is to add another kid right? HA! We really are excited though as the details from dinner to dessert to movie night to a possible art project are perfect! I really can’t wait! And Bailey? BESIDE HERSELF with excitement! Parker’s excited too of course! So we’ll reschedule with the grandparents and welcome Kate tonight! AND OF COURSE I will be videotaping the entire thing! So expect a movie in the next few days!