Kim is amazing. You know she has seven kids right? Right.

She deserves a parade every single day in her honor and the calories taken out of her food so she can eat all the ice cream and chocolate she wants!

The thing that always gets me, when I think about the huge amount of little feet in her house, is that she’s not only been changing diapers for 15 years straight, she’s now changing diapers and driving high school car pool.

If I am changing diapers when my kids are in high school it will be my parent’s. HA!

And with high school, for her oldest daughter Abby, comes HOMECOMING. And a certain dance that involves dress shopping and shoe shopping and jewelry shopping and mani’s/pedi’s and hair appointments. It’s also, in my opinion, as one who is 11 years away from sending Bailey off to her first high school dance, a major mother moment.

It means your little girl is old enough to like boys. And for boys to notice her. And I imagine her giggling with her friends while glancing secretly at the boy she thinks is cute. And trying to look cool while feeling totally insecure. Or was that just me?

Anyway, it is just one more first to check off the list. And today, at the end of our mini sessions, when Abby’s Grandma dropped her off for a few photos before her mom drove her to that first dance, I totally got emotional. For Kim. And because I of course jumped ahead and imagined how beautiful Bailey and Parker will look. Because look at how gorgeous Abby is…



And as we were shooting, quickly because the light was fading, she was shivering and didn’t want to be late, I took this…


and gasped.

And then turned my camera around to show Kim.

Who gasped.

And got teary.

And I was teary.

And she’s not even my daughter.

But look at that.

They’ll always be our little girls won’t they?

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