Today has been pretty bad. Pretty good too, but pretty bad.

It started when the kids were up before 6am. I thought we had broken them of that habit but with skipped naps lately I’ve been putting them to bed earlier and it has apparently bitten me in the ass.

Then I knew we had a friend coming over at 9am so by 7:30am we were cruising the grocery store for food and diapers. To get through the store my kids always get a cookie on one side and string cheese on the other.

By the time we hit the check-out Parker had put too big of a cheese bite in her mouth and threw up all over the floor. So while they rang up my large bill I cleaned up puke with dry paper towels. Do you know how hard it is to clean up puke with dry paper towels in front of strangers completely mortified? Not. Easy.

Missy came over after that and we got to talk about our cameras… she’s going manual and will never look back! The kids were great and played near us and with little interruptions. Which was great except when I realized the playroom was a DISASTER. Every basket and bucket and bin were dumped out. It’s just defeating to see that kind of mess you know?

Then we had lunch. I’m sorry, the kids had lunch b/c just now I realized that some of my mood might be due to the fact that I forgot to eat. All. Day.

For naps Parker had to sleep in the playroom because her bed broke again, and apparently she is unable to sleep away from Bailey because I had to go up five times and pull her out of Bailey’s top bunk. So of course with all the coming and going Parker never napped, and Bailey never napped and Gray maybe squeaked in 45 minutes or so.

Which meant my phone conversation with my sweet friend Lyndsay, all the way from Texas, was cut short when I had a fussy Gray on my lap refusing to be put down and Parker who just couldn’t stop crying. For no reason. Except pure three year old exhaustion.

Luckily I had thrown things in the crockpot that morning and by 4:45pm I couldn’t take the screaming and whining and clinging anymore so I fed them dinner.

Which no one ate.

Because it tasted like bung hole so I don’t blame them.

Except now they will all wake up by 5am because they’ll all be starving.

Or maybe they’ll wake up that early b/c I threw Parker in bed at 5:30pm after 2 solid hours of crying. And Gray followed close behind.

Because my kids are too old for shaken baby syndrome but I was feeling what I imagine those parents feel that shake their screaming babies. I needed them out of my sight or I felt like I was going to lose it.

I had hit my MAX of screaming and kicking and tantrums for the day.

And of course those two continued to scream and kick, for another hour, and although I could still hear them I couldn’t see them and I felt my blood pressure slowly returning to normal.

So I sat on the couch for 30 minutes and played Bejeweled Blitz on the iPhone while Bailey watched Max and Ruby. Just to calm my nerves.

Then we read three books and the screaming from upstairs was slowing down a bit so I took her up too.

But seeing me threw everyone into a tizzy and I ended up rocking Gray for a little while, laying with Parker and singing to Bailey. At 7:15pm I finally headed downstairs to eat dinner myself b/c by this time I was starving.

But that’s when I realized I hadn’t cooked chicken, carrots and potatoes, it was in fact just poop simmering in the crock so I threw it all down the disposal and ordered Imo’s.

And sat down to blog while I waited for my dinner. Because blogging keeps me sane. Then C walked in the door, earlier than I expected, but still late enough that he missed everything from waking up to going to bed with the kids. And I told him about my day. And he could see it in my eyes that I wasn’t going to clean up the house tonight or wash dishes or do anything but SIT and WORK and VEG so the smart man didn’t even mention how trashed the house it tonight. And thank goodness just now my soda and dinner arrived. Because I’m finally starting to feel human again. Oh Mnt Dew. How I love thee.

(Did I mention Chris surprised me with a little point and shoot camera this Christmas? All of these were taken by the kids during Christmas week!)