First of all, did you just LOVE Kim’s post? AND DID YOU SEE THAT JASMINE STAR LEFT A COMMENT? I mean seriously. Kim needs to get on here more often if cool stuff like that happens! HA! Really, and don’t tell Kim this, Jasmine is a GENIUS when it comes to online marketing and leaving comments on other blogs or responding to FB notes is probably all a part of her work flow. Genius. Because people like me totally freak out! And then love her even more. But let’s let Kim think they’re BFF ok? Thanks!

And what do you guys think about us making this here blog a bit a lot more personal? Have you missed hearing about my bad days or seeing pics of my kids or seeing our latest craft project? And are you DYING to get a glimpse of Kim’s home life with SEVEN kids? I told her I want her to start tracking their home renovation b/c imagine 7 kids AND a house being renovated? To me it would be total chaos! BUT I saw the progress the other day and it looks AMAZING! Anyway, we’re excited to be back on here and not just sharing our awesome clients!

So to start, yesterday my mom and I took Parker (3.5), Grayson (2), Samantha (2.5) and Avery (7 months) to the city for some photos. See, I’m working on this elaborate Christmas project for my sister+nieces and needed some shots. And of course my mom’s back yard wasn’t good enough! But 4 kids under 4 and only two adults to wrangle them was almost more than we could handle but with LOTS of bribes and me shooting as FAST as possible we actually made it out of there alive! Here are a few of my favorites!

Avery is at that perfect chubby baby stage! I could have photographed her all day!

I’m not posting any of the photos I actually went there to shoot or it would give away my gift to Abbie but eventually I’ll share!

Happy Friday! We’ve survived one whole week of Kindergarten and although yesterday Bailey asked if she could take a break she’s had a great time! Tonight we’re going to a college soccer game and this weekend Kim and I are bursting with babies! In the next four days we have three newborns, one 1 year old and a session in Union we were hired for from a company in Washington D.C.! It’s going to be a busy weekend! Hope yours is great!