Thanks for all the birthday comments, emails, calls, facebook wall messages, tweets, etc. AND thanks for reading my crazy husband write and SHOW embarrassing stories and photos of me! Just wait, next up apparently (I haven’t read it) is part three: college, engagement and wedding. Totally fine except the college part. Not some of my best days! HA!

Anyway, it feels good to be 30 and honestly, I am so freaking excited about this decade! I have three adorable kids, an incredible husband, amazing family/friends and a rockin business! What else could I ask for?

Oh, and during this decade I will officially change my last diaper AND send ALL of my kids off to school! YIPPEE!

It was a great birthday and thanks for being a part of it all you FAKE true friends!


We took the kids to the church pumpkin patch down the street from us for a fun birthday outing and the kids had a blast…






Love the color in these photos… PEOPLE… put your kids in BRIGHT clothes for pumpkin photos!!! BRIGHT! In fact, always put your kids in bright clothing! They’ll look cute AND be easy to spot!


The high tomorrow is 56. It is CHILLY. Time for footed jammies. My favs.


A snuggly warm baby… there is nothing sweeter. So cozy. Add in hot chocolate, a fire in the fire place and a good book… heaven.


Parker turns THREE in one month and she wants a PINK SPARKLY PARTY! Any ideas?

I have a few but I would LOVE others! I’m willing to craft, sew, glue, whatever it takes!

We want to incorporate Christmas crafts into the party… so I guess it’s a pink sparkly Christmas craft party to be exact! I just thought making things the kids can give away would be nice for the moms!

Anyway, I don’t have time to sit and search all over the internet for good ideas so I’m asking the internet! Any good decorating, favor or invite ideas???



I haven’t forgotten about the Jodified Scavenger Hunt! I just got blog-swiped (say it with me… Swiper NO swiping! Ugh.) by my hubby. I will announce the winner tomorrow!


This week we are announcing a BRAND NEW product we’re offering through Fresh Art exclusively! NO OTHER photographers are offering this b/c they are HAND MADE! Will share pics and prices soon!


That’s it! Heading to bed after a fairly long day. Be gentle Tuesday, I can already tell I’m going to wake up tired! AND I’m running. In the cold. So be NICE!