Because I’ve taken a ton of photos each day and we still have a few more days of vacation left I’m going to start blogging small posts to break up the photo overload. I want to post these though so our family can see what a blessing this lake house has been to our family this week. So if you hate vacation photos ignore the next few posts!

Bailey had the first dock jump of the week!

The water was COLD so after her first jump Parker was a little more hesitant to jump again!

Gray would NOT dock jump (still hasn’t by himself but he will jump to Chris and he did jump off the boat just a little while ago so we’re making progress!) and once he was in the water he wouldn’t let go of Chris… until Chris just let go of Gray! When Grayson realized Daddy wasn’t holding on he panicked a bit but now he’s swimming by himself like a little fish!

Our friends sent this game with us and the kids LOVE it! Chris wouldn’t let me show you but I got the funniest photo of him with “I am bacon” on his head! If you know him you know he makes 1-2 pounds of bacon every Saturday! It was so funny that’s what he chose!

Chris taught water skiing in the summers during college at Camp Thunderbird so he was THRILLED when Bailey said she wanted to try this week! She hasn’t gotten up yet but she’s tried almost every day!

Family bike ride. Some of my favorite memories so far!

We rode all the way to the dam on the far end of the lake… the hills were killer but the kids did great! Better than I did that’s for sure!

The kids loved being able to throw rocks+sticks in the water… the girls even made up some game where they threw this one huge stick in and had to “go fishing” for it…

And then of course the thing we were waiting for happened…

Bailey fell right in the water! Luckily she’s awesome and just laughed the whole thing off!

She had a wet ride home but was so great about it… C and I were cracking up that if it had been Gray that had fallen in not only would one of us gotten soaked fishing him out but he would have been mad at us, the water, the sticks and the world! I’m sure my mom or Terri are laughing because they have seen him injure himself and get mad at whatever it was he hit! HA! Oh man that kid is trouble!

When we got home from the bike ride Chris started dock training Bailey for water skiing.

Gray jumping to Daddy (we’re still working on getting him to jump by himself).

We got in last Sunday afternoon (after getting to visit Kim’s new AMAZING-INCREDIBLE-BEAUTIFUL house and then randomly meeting Marie at Sonic in Union… Marie who has been an online friend for a long time! So fun to meet her!), went straight to the water and then spent most of Monday in the lake as well. It ended with Chris and I playing a killer game of Scrabble (I beat him!) and planning our little road trip planned for Tuesday… those photos coming next!

If you’re FB friends with me you’ve seen these photos already so these are mainly for my mother-in-law who I know will love seeing these and for my own records. I love looking back on old personal blog posts! Skip all of this if you just want to see client work!