These two cousins are two of my favorite kids! I’ve known Amelia literally since she was minutes old and her entrance into the world will be one of my all-time favorite memories! She was whisked from birth mom to her mom in the most dramatic fashion ever and I was blessed to be there with them! Then sweet Jack came along and their family (especially all the Grandparent’s) have had the best year of their lives!

20130718-DSC_4312b 20130718-DSC_4337b

Can you tell there was a little love in the studio last week?

20130718-DSC_4350b 20130718-DSC_4361b 20130718-DSC_4380b

These are some smitten Grandparents!

20130718-DSC_4389b 20130718-DSC_4408b

I love that Jack just wanted to cuddle… he kept leaning his head back to be close to them! So cute!


Amelia and her Grandpa like to play the harmonica together which just was the cutest thing ever!

20130718-DSC_4452b 20130718-DSC_4468b

Look at Grandpa’s eyes? I love that he was laughing so hard!


Then we tried just to get one quick updated shot of the kids! Amelia cooperated for about 2 seconds until she was told not to climb down off the chair!


This was her answer to THAT! HA!


Thanks so much you guys! LOVED seeing all of you!

And thanks to Finch Vintage Rentals for that chair!