Last week we got to hang out with little Jeremiah! His awesome mom is another St. Louis photographer so it was great to be able to give her a break from being behind the camera all the time and do some work for her! And he couldn’t have been a more perfect subject! Curly and tiny and sleepy… just how we like them!

We’ve been asked a lot recently if we’re ever planning on doing a newborn workshop for other photographers and the answer, right now, is no. And one of the main reasons is because we feel REALLY strongly that you can’t do newborn photography justice if you are alone. To get babies into these poses and not make mom or dad help out when they should be relaxing, we work together! One of us is always shooting and the other one is always posing. For the shot above Kim was right next to him the entire time with a paci, the heater and the sound machine right next to her!

I was ready and as soon as she stepped away and yanked that paci out I clicked!

He woke up for one second and we were able to capture his beautiful eyes! Isn’t he gorgeous?

Thanks to Raquita and Jerry for hanging out with us and a special thanks to Jerry who DURING the session had to help me unclog the toilet upstairs! HA! Some kid used too much toilet paper and he saved the day for me! If you want to see Raquita’s work go HERE! Thanks again you guys, it was a blast!