This poor sneak peek is SO late because this darn site was down for so long! We still have no idea what happened but thankfully someone smarter than us at Go Daddy FINALLY figured it out and here we are back up and running!

And we get to start the end of our hiatus with little Joseph!

You will notice that Joseph is AWAKE in some most of his images… which is not normally what newborn photographers want! In fact, we work tirelessly to get babies to sleep peacefully enough that we can pose them and move them from prop to prop during our sessions. It’s why our sessions can take anywhere from 2-5 hours… because we are VERY patient. Very.

And then there was Joseph.

Julia and Matthew paid our extra session fee to have us pack up our studio and come to their home to avoid taking their little man out in the cold during flu season. So we went and in over FIVE hours we got two shots. Of him awake. The little dude just wouldn’t go to sleep! Finally we had to call it quits and head home offering to let them come to the studio a few days later hoping his awake day was caused by a growth spurt or something. It’s happened a few other times when we’ve had to call uncle and have the family come back, and the second day is always a piece of cake.

But then there was Joseph!

Bright eyed, calm and WIDE AWAKE! HA!

We seriously did EVERYTHING, short of giving him some whiskey, to get him to fall asleep! We just kept laughing that this kid was our kryptonite!

Luckily, Julia had asked us to use two of her own props (the sled and the cradle) so we were able to swaddle him and get the shots she was hoping for. Then we did some other swaddle shots and about four hours into the second shoot we finally wore him down! Then we posed and shot like crazy women before he woke up again! HA! I think in total we worked for about 9 hours! Not a typical newborn session that’s for sure!

But look at how cute this little stinker is!

Even when he is awake!

And Julia and Matthew? Two of the sweetest and relaxed parents you’ve ever met! We adore this family even though their stinker of a son will go down in the Fresh Art history books as the hardest newborn photo shoot ever! Maybe baby #2 someday will sleep soundly and we can break the record for fastest newborn session ever! HA!

Thanks to the Bergman’s for being patient with the double session AND for waiting so patiently for this sneak peek (we did finally give in and post them on FB b/c we felt so bad about the site being down!)… and thanks to all our blog readers who waited patiently for the site to come back up!

Looking ahead we have some newborns about to be born and this weekend our fun Baby Plan triplets have their ONE YEAR session! AND the cold is breaking with some warmth this weekend! YAHOO! AND it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Photos tomorrow of what my kids are passing out to their classes… nothing spectacular but I always love to see what other moms are doing so i thought I’d share! Happy Wednesday!