Kim and I had five full sessions on Sunday. Not because we always plan to work for 12 hours straight but because we had so many great clients wanting photos we wanted to make it work! And it worked out GREAT b/c the day was GORGEOUS and the color AMAZING! Which was good b/c we kind of hate photographing in parks! And we spent a lot of time in a park that day! But the color truly made up for everything. It was incredible. I’m guessing we hit the peak color weekend but am hoping it last the rest of the week since we have a lot more going on this week!

First up on our sneak-peek-o-rama this week are Josh and Lindsay!

Let me say this again, we don’t do many weddings, which means we don’t get a ton of chances to do engagement photos. Which is a shame b/c apparently we LOVE engagement photos!

These two knocked their session out of the ball park! Kim and I are going to show you a TON of photos and we were seriously limiting ourselves! 50 photos in a sneak peek just seemed a little like over-kill! HA! But seriously, they were amazing. SO SO SO much in love and SO great together! We never had to coach them or guide them, they seemed to fall into the most amazing poses laughing easily together and although Lindsay had PINK EYE you can’t even tell! She is BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks Josh and Lindsey for choosing us as your engagement photographers… we had a blast and were so honored to work with you! Enjoy your MASSIVE sneak peek!