Justin’s mom, Angie, was one of my first Jodified clients. Actually, it was his aunt, Heather, who booked the original session for both families. They were one of my favorite sessions b/c the love and connection between the families was incredible. That was back in the fall of 2007! Then in the early fall of 2009 Heather booked me again for both families… she got in as my LAST Jodified client before the official merge to Fresh Art! But she booked the session for April of 2010, which back in Septmeber seemed SO FAR AWAY! SOOOOO far away! But now we’ll be seeing the entire Simerda family this coming Saturday as April is now in full force!

Not sure why you needed ALL of that background info but I felt the need to share! Because in between last September and now, Angie booked a Fresh Art senior session for Justin! Justin, who was a KID three years ago and now is graduating! I couldn’t get over how handsome and old he seemed after just a few years since I saw him last!

I love seeing clients after a while to see how much they’ve changed and grown! But it’s funny b/c I always thought our newborn clients made the biggest changes… when you see them as a newborn and then all of a sudden they’re two years old! BUT going from 15 to graduating is a pretty big change too!

Thanks for putting up with us Justin while Kim and I chatted away with your mom in between shots! You totally rocked your session and I hope you love your images!

We were wrapping up and I made Angie sit down with Justin and Max, the dog, to capture just a few of them together… this one is so random but I just love it!

Thanks again you guys and see you in a few days!