Or otherwise titled: the reason I forgot Grayson’s birthday!

Kalen booked her wedding with us last summer, so for almost a year her wedding has been on our calendar on June 12th. If someone asked me about that date I would have said it was Kalen’s wedding day. And the fact that my last child was in fact BORN on that same day didn’t even register with me until a week or so ago! Poor third kid!

So at the last minute we threw together a little celebration by taking Bailey’s BFF and my parents with us down to The City Museum for a morning of climbing and sliding and jumping and playing with the BALLS (the only thing Gray wanted to do!). And it was great! Except at 1pm when we got home I felt like I’d had a long day… and the WORK day hadn’t even started yet! Needless to say, that when I got home at 11pm last night I was spent! And this morning I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.

And although celebrating Gray’s birthday and working Kalen+Ryan’s wedding was exhausting, it was seriously one of the best days ever!

First of all, it was POURING. We felt so bad for Kalen as we flip flopped to plan B for photos and the wind+rain were gusting all around her even in the “covered” area we’d chosen. But Kalen was a rock star bride! NOT ONE COMPLAINT about anything! She took what the day threw her in stride! It really was incredible to watch her just ENJOY her entire wedding day from start to finish! Her face seriously must have hurt at the end of the day b/c she just smiled through it all! LOVE THAT!

And because Kalen and Ryan are SO awesome we have a few blog posts in the works for them! This is just numero uno so they have something to tide them over!