HA! I just realized that “the LONG wedding day” makes it sound like it was long (which it was I guess! 12 hours is quite a bit of time!) but really, it’s Keri’s new last name! John and Keri Long. Just so funny.


I feel like I need to preface this post by saying we don’t really do weddings. It’s why I didn’t put “St. Louis Wedding Photographers” in the post title! No need to find us on Google for wedding photography! We took two last weddings who booked over a year ago and then cut it in 2011. We won’t say we NEVER do weddings because we do take them on for special people, but our business is not focused on weddings. But we do give out GREAT referrals so feel free to email us if you’re looking for a great photographer! We’ll send you to some amazing women!


The LONG wedding!

We are breaking this wedding into three posts. Tomorrow is going to be my favorite post because we are just DYING over their portraits! But I think tonight’s blog post will mean the most to them so we’re starting with the actual wedding!

Meet Chubby! Their first baby!

We have SO much more to share! And I have so much to say too but for tonight I wanted the photos to tell most of the story!

Keri and John… thank you for allowing us to capture your wedding day. It was our incredible pleasure.