The other day we got to meet up with little Landon who was three weeks old at the time. We ALWAYS like to photograph newborns between the first and second week but Landon’s session had to be moved around a bit so he was already three weeks old. And let me tell you, Kim and I were geared up for a LONG session! We prepared ourselves for one awake baby but man did Landon surprise us! He slept the entire time and we were done super quick! He was awesome!

We were also lucky that my college friend, Trish, was in town from Dallas and got to come hang at the studio with us. I say “studio” as if it’s not just at my house but whatever! HA! It was awesome to see Trish, an amazing photographer, and after the session we were able to go grab lunch and hit my favorite antique store for some goodies!

All in all a totally great way to spend a Thursday!

Can you believe that smile? Oh. My. Sweetness.

Thanks to Tina and Jason for bringing your little man out to see us and trusting us with him! He was perfect!

Happy Saturday of a three day weekend everyone! I’m currently listening to Chris talk to all the kids on the phone while I sit looking at the Indian Hills Lake in Cuba, MO. Peaceful. Quiet. We have Pandora on in the background and our play list is so random it’s making me incredibly happy. Are you ready for it? Indigo Girls, Dave Matthews Band, Counting Crows, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Deana Carter, The Samples, James Taylor and the list goes on! LOVE! I think we’ll eat some Fruity Pebbles we grabbed at the Walmart last night and then hit some local yard sales… I’ve gotten my best deals in Cuba this summer! If it warms up a bit we’ll of course go swimming+tubing+water skiing and if not I’m so content to sit on the deck working or reading a book. Last night we stayed up until after midnight playing Scrabble and Canasta! Happy 6th Anniversary to US today!