I’ve known the Lane family since I was 5 years old. Because Heather and I, the oldest daughter, started Kindergarten together at North Glendale Elementary School. We played softball together, her mom was our Brownie leader, we spent the night at each other’s houses and I still remember how cool i felt when I got to ride their big wheels in their back yard. You know, the motorized ones? We never had them and I seriously coveted theirs! Some of my strongest memories are playing my first video game at her house, Atari, and that her mom was always pregnant! HA! Five kids back then was a big deal… and really, with three of my own, five kids is still a really big deal! It just doesn’t seem like a big deal since working with Kim who beats all with SEVEN! HA!

Anyway, the Lane’s have been a part of my life for a really long time and it was a blast to see them all again! And her three younger siblings (her older brother couldn’t come) were still under 10 years old in my mind so to see them as adults was CRAZY! Has that ever happened to you? It made me feel REALLY old!

Thanks so much for meeting us SO early Sunday morning you guys! We loved hanging out with you and hope you enjoy your sneak peek!