Meet Tony and Lauren.

Tony was C’s best friend in college. His roommate. His fraternity brother.

And I loved him too!

He was the best man at our wedding and took the roll so incredibly seriously. He was amazing that entire weekend! Tony is just the kind of friend you pray to meet one day. He’s a GOOD friend. Always thinking of others and ready to have fun. I feel blessed to have him in our life. And to ensure he just HAD to stick around we asked him to be Bailey’s God Father! Now he’s officially family and stuck with us Allen’s!

So we love Tony.

But then we met Lauren.

And OH MY GOSH do we love Lauren!

We love her because although we’ve really only gotten to hang out a handful of times in the last five years (they live in KY and we’re in MO), it feels like we’ve known her forever. And I think that’s because her and Tony were made for each other. Honestly, I have never met another couple more perfect for each other!

So when they called to tell us they were FINALLY expecting their first baby we were beyond excited for them! And for us b/c with our three coming so soon after our wedding we’ve been waiting for them to catch up! HA! Little Charlie is due in April and I will make the drive to Louisville for the birth! SO EXCITED about that! And they came in town this weekend for their maternity session, which was AMAZING b/c not only did they rock it, it was FIFTY degrees today! I can’t tell you how good it was for my soul to feel the warm sun with my camera in hand. Oh man. Goodness.

Thanks for coming in town you guys! We had a blast and I’m so glad Kim got to meet you! She’ll be chiming in later this week with HER version of your sneak peek! Oh yes! These are just a sample of my photos! I’m telling you, the sun+warmth+beauty+belly had me snap-happy! We just couldn’t stop! Everywhere we looked we wanted to take more photos!

Spring is seriously calling my name!