Hello Tuesday.


After working until 2am on teacher gifts, being an emotional wreck this morning dropping off Bailey for her last day of Kindergarten, chatting with my BFF at Parker’s preschool and dreaming up plans for our summer adventures, today is going to be full of fun+caffeine! Truly, even as I sit her a bit shaky from the caffeine rush (after NOT drinking soda for a few days) and lack of sleep I am just so full of blessings and peace about where we are in life (even in the midst of the not-so-good junk) it’s just awesome.

And I have like five minutes before I get to go pick up Parker as she says goodbye to the Yellow Room and HELLO to the Blue Room but I wanted to bust some pics of little Levi on here knowing I have a VERY FULL behind-the-scenes post coming tomorrow!


For today… enjoy these SUPER FUN PHOTOS we got to take last weekend and check back tomorrow for the hysterical images of just HOW we took them! Happy last week of school everyone!

(overlay from Vol. 25!)

Best. Newborn. Image. Ever.

If you ask me!

Josh and Megan are AWESOME and some of our ultimate favorite clients because they let us get creative in the ghetto with their baby! It was awesome and just wait for tomorrow to see all the HOW DID THEY DO IT shots! HA!