In the midst of my kids being super sick a couple of weeks ago we had an awesome session lined up with one of our all-time favorite families. It was scheduled for early on a Saturday morning when my kids had high fevers plus were puking and of course both sets of grandparents had plans and Chris had a huge game. I was STUCK. Thank goodness for KIM! She came to my rescue and did the session alone! THANK YOU KIM! And of course Levi was a doll and Kim rocked it out! Looking at the images I am SO sad I had to miss this session!

Kim got to go out to Levi’s Grandparent’s home and photograph his birthday party with all of his extended family! She said it was awesome!

This totally cracks me up because I haven’t seen Josh in a while and that BEARD shocked me! HA! SO Josh though! And Megan looking so gorgeous, as usual!