Today was a rough day. My good friend Tom Johnston brought me by an Oberweis shake tonight after reading my oh so very sad blog post today (over on my personal blog) which came at the perfect time to work with the two Excedrin I took to kick my big fat headache. And he gave me a great bit of wisdom, which only he can since they lived through HELL and I only took a day trip there… he said that when you’ve gone through something with your child that’s traumatic and then suddenly it’s over you are going to have days like this b/c for days/weeks you were TENSE and allofasudden you can relax. Which in my case can cause extreme exhaustion and massive head aches and a tendency to withdraw a bit. Thank goodness I have smart+caring friends who give out wisdom along with a tasty chocolate treat! Thanks again Tom!

So in an effort to go to bed in a better mood, since REALLY today should not be about me feeling craptastic but instead be about the fact that Parker is now sleeping, for the first time in 18 days, IV free, I’m going to link to some super cool stuff tonight! Because the picc line is OUT! And that’s cause for celebration!


1. Teachers gifts are around the corner and I bought THESE and THESE for the girl’s preschool teachers. I want some for myself!

2. Our AWESOME and busy friend Lyndsay launched this AMAZING website the other day and we just couldn’t be more proud of her! Way to rock the link love Lynds!

3. I really want to see THIS MOVIE. It looks awesome!

4. I love the idea of THIS growth chart and you could make something like this yourself pretty easily… but who doesn’t love something that comes in a cute box?

5. Kim gives me Thomas’ hand-me-downs for Gray and the clothes that she gives me from THIS store are my favorite! I had no idea it even existed and it’s a part of Gymboree! Where have I been?

6. When I saw THIS necklace I immediately thought of my sister! I love it!

7. I’m not much of a collector but I want one of each of THESE! They are adorable!

8. Mom, share this link with dad b/c he’ll think it’s awesome. Basically there is a live web cam in an owl-house (or whatever you call a bird house for owls!) and when I first found it I kept checking in on her all day! Kind of addicting in a very random way!

9. I find THIS illustrator fascinating!

10. Speaking of illustrators, THIS one is amazing! In another lifetime I do lettering as cool as she does!

Happy Shopping!