Friday night Kim and I met up with Dustin and Karrie in the middle of down town St. Louis to run around chasing the light!

Love Lights are seriously a challenge. A challenge we love but the more we do the better we are at choosing the area we go to. For a love light session you don’t want LOTS of light, even though that sounds backward. Instead you want a small amount of very bright+direct light. Like the low hanging security light in the alley behind a small business. Which is why on our last session we took the couple to a very empty industrial park b/c we knew all of those businesses would have security lights on.

But Friday night we decided to try something different and walk around the big BIG buildings of the downtown St. Louis area. And because I know a lot of photographers read this and some that have tried these sessions before I’m going to tell you what we learned.

Big buildings have big lights. And most are really high, meaning that by the time the light filters down to our couple it’s not bright enough to leave the ISO at 200. Also, in the downtown area of a big city there are lots of street lights creating TOO MUCH light which means we loose the effect of having only the light that hits our couple show up and the rest black out (while our ISO is at 200 or so).

So Friday night we had a very tough time finding the light we normally look for and we were forced to look in some more unexpected locations, which is totally fine, but makes for a lot more walking and a much longer night (and when you start the session at 8pm it can get late anyway!). BUT Karrie and Dustin ROCKED IT OUT and trusted us to take them into all kinds of random nooks and crannies of our city! And we chatted and laughed the whole time!

So I have to tell you the story behind the next photos!

I used to be obsessed with Sex in the City. I’ve seen every episode a million times and can quote most of them! So when we walked by a deserted parking garage and I saw an elevator the episode when Samantha was making out with a ton of guys in her elevator and accidentally let in a burglar came to mind. I know, random! BUT it was genius b/c we had the MOST fun playing with the elevator light!

Then I had them go inside, to get a little frisky… KIDDING! But I did make them go in to just play along and the funniest part was that the door closed SO FAST! This image totally cracks me up b/c Kim almost lost her fingers trying to keep that darn door open for us!

And here Karrie REALLY played along with the Samantha theme! We were dying! Sorry you guys, I just HAD to post it! You knew I would! HA!

This is HANDS DOWN my favorite Love Light image ever!

Thanks Karrie and Dustin for being the best sports in the world and letting Kim and I follow all of our crazy ideas! We had a blast and even though it wasn’t the “ideal” light we like, your images are some of our favorites! Enjoy!