1. There is about 30 second of footage in the middle of the 9 min video of actual c-section surgery… it’s quick and a big piece of the story so we kept it in but if you are at all squeamish with blood or don’t want your children to see a c-section please be aware.

2. The footage filmed in the operating room was filmed by an OB, Dr. Paul, not by Kim nor I. He did a great job but we wanted to be honest that we did not shoot that section of the video. We are SO glad he was able to take my camera in there and get what he did!

3. Alicia… why do I see you using a point and shoot camera?

4. Song choice is the HARDEST part of making a film in my opinion. Sometimes I get the song in my head as I’m shooting and then the video is a breeze. This time, I was clueless and literally spent about 6 hours over the weekend listening to and debating about song choice! It was a nightmare. Ultimately I went with some of my first gut instincts and a tip from Kim. Here are the songs… 1. So Glad I’m Here by Elizabeth Mitchell 2. Magic by Rabbit 3. Recipe for Love by Rabbit 4. Safe and Sound by Matthew West

5. Tom and Sharon did not know if it was a boy or girl going in so if you listen carefully when Mac is born you can hear Sharon say, “it’s a boy?” and then the doctor replies with, “it’s a beautiful baby boy”. That is also why everyone was so excited when Tom came out to introduce him! And one of my favorite parts is when Sharon’s mom and niece/nephew hear “it’s a boy!”… seeing Barb jump up and down makes me so happy!

6. Get Kleenex and LOTS of it if you’ve followed this family’s story at all. Trust me. You’ll need it.

Enjoy… this was a total pleasure to put together!

Untitled from Kuhn Construction on Vimeo.