I am so excited to share that I was awarded the Master Photographer certificate in the Baby Category this week! Last year I earned Master Photographer in the Newborn category so this was a fun way to start off 2021!  I thought I would share the 25 images I submitted. It’s REALLY hard to select images for these certificates or competitions. Digging through years of work (not my full 14 years but I do save the last 3-4 years so some of these images go back as far as 2016 I think) is hard but also SO fun. It really reminds me, in the midst of late nights and work exhaustion, just how lucky I am to call this my career. And to all the families that allowed me to capture these moments for them – it’s priceless really. Thank you all so much for the trust you’ve given me sometimes over and over. It’s overwhelming the gratitude I feel.

Here were the parameters for the certificate in case you were curious –

While each artist’s style should be apparent, the portfolio should be diverse in nature with different scenes, subjects, poses, and expressions. The objective is to demonstrate the artist’s skill and mastery of shooting in a variety of different settings and situations, exhibiting mastery of the specific niche of baby/toddler photography.

10 Toddler Images  –  (for the purpose of this category, subject(s) should be older than 12 months and younger than 4 years). Up to three images may contain an adult or adults.

10 Baby Images –  (for the purpose of the category, subject(s) should be 12 weeks to one year). Up to three images may contain an adult or adults.

5 Images of Your Choice – Either baby or toddler.

And here are the 25 images I submitted….

If you made it down this far – thanks! What is kind of fun and also crazy challenging about the Masters certificate is that you have to show a variety and when you shoot inside the same all-white studio SO much of the time it’s hard to get variety. It’s why I had to go back so many years to be honest. This is also an age I don’t capture on their own all that much outside of mini sessions. SO I have TONS of kiddos in this age-range with Santa and from Valentine Minis but so often they’re also with siblings. Or with their family from their family sessions. This is going to push me to capture children and babies individually more often I think.

To all of those that made it this far – I would love to offer 25% off a session for any child/ren that fit into this category! Age 3 months-4 years. That makes the 5 Image Mini just $225! Just shoot me an email if you want to book. All bookings will need to take place before April 1st (the session can happen later just the booking itself) to get the discount.