Ok you guys. It’s 11pm, I got home 2 hours ago from an amazing Parenting Bible Study at Riverside Church with my friend Adriane and I’m hopped up on good thoughts, good prayer time and a fresh Mountain Dew. Because DUDE did you know that QT missed me since I left them for the Mobil across the street that has the Styrofoam cups (that kill the earth but make my dew taste oh so good?) and GOT themselves some earth-killing sty-ro-foam? More kinds of awesome than I can fathom BECAUSE they have the good tiny ice AND a cheaper price tag. Win-win in my book!

Yes, I am totally caffinated right now!

Moving on.

Sunday we photographed Megan and Josh with Katie by our side helping chose locations, poses and over-all style the shoot. MEANING Kim and I could focus on the technical stuff like nailing the images while not worrying if Megan had lipstick on her teeth or a stray hair. Also meaning, Katie made our jobs a whole heckofalot easier while also bringing some extra creativity to the table! So fun!

And we took some behind the scenes shots.

And some are hysterical and completely embarrassing for all parties involved. Except Megan and Josh somehow. But maybe that’s because they’re the client? Maybe.

Ok, let’s start with this shot that Kim took:

We found this little building after we asked two half-naked men working on the building next door if they minded us squeezing through the locked fence. I’m sure they thought we were insane but seeing as one had a gun tattooed to his stomach pointing to his nether regions we didn’t pay much attention after we got the go-ahead.

We got Megan in the doorway and shot for a minute before I got curious and poked my head in. Where I found some AWESOME old doors. Oh how I love old doors. So with everyone thinking I had lost my mind, I went down the stairs into this filthy building to see just how awesome my doors were. Kim, behind me and NOT in the building, started cracking up. Why? Because she saw this:

“Dealer one, my CRACK hut.”

You can’t make up this crazy.

So after deciding that the amazing green door I wanted wasn’t going to fit in any car we had there, I got out to let Megan take center stage again.  And as Kim kept shooting I decided I wanted to try another angle and did this:

Yes. I just put my ass on the Internet.

And yes, Megan is looking at me like I’d lost my mind. But I did this:

So I could get this:

And as I was shooting this… can you see what I saw?

Oh yes. DEALER. And I don’t think they mean dealing cards!

Thanks to Megan for totally laughing it off when I showed everyone my view!

Isn’t she rad?

Some random shots…

This totally cracks me up because our stylist+sherpa decided wearing WHITE WHITE WHITE pants to a grungy-grimy-greasy old mechanic shop was a good idea! She swears she got NO dirt on them but of course me, in all black, got a huge grease smear on my Toms. SO sad.

Josh and I were separated at birth and while Kim and Katie were helping Megan get ready, Josh and I were totally junking. My FAVORITE past time. More than photography. Or drinking soda. I just love finding trash. Like this:

Just wait until you see what I do with these bad boys! Currently, they have been soaking in Dawn for two days because I heard it can take oil off ducks so I figured it could get grease off cogs but so far, not so much.

Oh, and can you tell how windy it was that day? Intense.

Usually our maternity sessions are 30 minute mini sessions. So PLEASE don’t see these and think we take TWO days to do most shoots. Because we don’t. Ever. Unless you have money to burn and then we’ll shoot you as many days in a row as you want! But really, we had all these ideas we wanted to try with a pregnant mom and Katie’s due to adopt baby #2 any day now since the birth mom is due this month. So we had one weekend to KNOCK it out and it took two days to do it. Day one just didn’t rock as much as this couple should so we are only posting day two. Except for that sweet pic of Katie doing what she does best and this one, of me climbing on their rickety back deck two stories high.

I like climbing.

Above is me testing the light for Kim and trying to STRETCH out my oh-so-fat neck. And below is Kim withstanding a wind tunnel to test the light for me.

I swear she’s never made that face before and I actually think she was about to laugh or say something but this totally cracks me up! HA! Sorry Kim! HAD to post it!

So there you have it. A little taste into the insanity that is our work.

Do we occasionally break in to old buildings? Yes. With permission from shirtless Jimmy from next door only, of course.

Do we occasionally steal things from said buildings? Yes. But ONLY when they are half buried in the dirt+grease covered floor and can become SO awesome I’ll end up famous for the idea.

Do we occasionally take two days to shoot a session? NO. Unless our stylist is about to have a baby and we want to rock it out.

Do we always have fun? Yes. Yes. Hell yes.


And do we make our clients help us search the floor for super awesome cogs I want to steal while making white-pant wearing Katie carry the heavy+filthy box around? Um. Yes.

We’re awesome like that!