This was a REALLY hard decision as I had lots of submissions but I have chosen five deserving families and I hope this makes their Christmas just a little bit sweeter!

The families I have chosen were submitted by Jenifer Allsworth, Rachael Ludwig, Anne Barnstead-Klos, Mary Jane Kuhn (I know this is my mom but she really did nominate an amazing family!) and Jen Crichton.

If you all will send me your addresses I will send you the gift cards!

AND because it’s Christmas and I’d love to make this even sweeter…. the four families (sorry mom, you don’t count!) that nominated someone who was chosen will receive a free mini session also! Merry Christmas to YOU for taking the time to send in a submission! You are welcome to use the session for yourself or chose someone else to gift it to! So coming soon will be TWO gift cards to your door!

These mini sessions are for the Weekday Mini valued at $450 and can be used anytime between Jan 2013 and August 2013. These are not for extended family sessions, newborns or boudoir. This is for a family session only.

I have been editing like a fool today and am stepping away from the computer now to finish our advent calendar (I’m only four days late right?!?) and hide our elf, Elfkin, for the first time (again, just a few days late). Christmas is here and I LOVE it!

Merry Christmas!