Kim and I got to hang out with sweet Gretchen today, you know, the baby wearing the cute home made heart glasses from yesterday? We love Gretchen because we’ve become good friends with her Momma since their maternity and newborn sessions. Maggie is awesome and every time we’re with her we have more fun chatting than anything!

Today was Gretchen’s 3 month mini session which is a part of her Baby Plan session! But oh man was she not liking us today! We had to hold her mobile over her the entire time or she’d scream and if she even noticed Kim or I she would start crying again! It was actually really funny! And in the end, while we were chatting, she fell sound asleep in Kim’s arms… so by the end we were buddies again!

Of course we got some cute ones of her too!

Her t-shirt is from Alison Berry at Initially Yours and was perfect! Shirts come with your Baby Plan!

If you look closely you can see how Gretchen REALLY feels about us! HA!