If you’ve followed their story at all you are going to JUMP UP AND DOWN when you see this:

And if you remember THIS or THIS  it will make you cry instantly like it did me the entire time we got to shoot this little cutie the other day!

We can’t share his face until later in the fall but we had to share these with you anyway because people, we need some prayer warriors! We need to all gather together and pray that their hiccups are over and the road is smooth. Because let’s face it, life with a newborn and a five year old is bumpy enough!

A little fist pump! HA! I can’t wait to show you photos of this little guy because he’s one of the cutest babies we’ve ever seen!

SO! Let’s load up the comments with HUGE congratulations and prayers for the Mohr family on their newest TINY addition! Katie and Russ, you know we couldn’t be happier!!! Well, I’d be happier if we could blog a face or two! HA! Kidding. We adore him and can’t wait to get more time with him! ANYTIME you need a sitter let us know!