I’m starting this blog explosion OUT OF ORDER which drives Kim insane! HA! She is much more organized than I am so we’re starting out of order but from here on out we’re going in order of the shoots from the day. And although I know this drives her crazy, she did agree we needed to start with sweet Felicity.

12 year old Felicity was nominated for this session by her amazing Aunt Jessica. Jessica lives in Kansas City and Felicity lives in Canada! She happened to be in town visiting Jessica on this exact weekend so Jessica drove all the way over for the session! EIGHT hours of driving for a 20 minute session! Are you kidding me? That’s amazing. I told Jessica she is the Aunt I hope to be and that couldn’t be more true. She even hired a make-up artist to make the trek with them! A shopping trip for a new dress and I’m not sure Felicity could have had a better day!

Katie and Dana rocked out the styling and the make-up artist, Kristin Peterson (of All Dolled Up, find her on FB!), did an awesome job! Felicity was so cute and I was DYING over her lips and eyes! TO DIE FOR features that some women pay big money for! She’s going to break some hearts some day! The most important part of this not-so-mini mini session? Felicity. I hope she takes these images and saves them. I hope that when she’s 16 or 25 or 40 she’ll look at these and know how beautiful she is. A true natural beauty. And according to her Aunt, she’s even more gorgeous inside. I wish we could have spent tons more time with this sweet girl (and Jessica!) but luckily we managed to get so many shots of her in a short amount of time!

Jessica and Felicity, enjoy your sneak peek!

Jessica, thanks for trusting US with your niece. For believing that we could capture her as she is. I hope you’re happy with the images you worked so hard to get!

And to everyone that donated money to the mini sessions… this sweet girl benefited from your donation. Thank you.