Can you believe I finally made it through all 23??? Poor Laura had to wait SO long to see these of her three hysterical kids!

Listen, after shooting from 8am (getting there at 6:30am) to 6pm we were EXHAUSTED. My face hurt from smiling or trying to make kids smile, my feet hurt from standing, my wrist hurt from holding a heavy camera for so many hours, etc. We were DONE. But then Mary showed up! She is the funniest little girl I have ever met. Seriously. She had us cracking up the entire time!

THANK YOU again and again to all the awesome families that came out to support the Mohr family. THANK YOU to all of our amazing volunteers that day! THANK YOU to all the designers that sent headbands and props! We are so glad that day went off without a hitch or even a hiccup! It was literally perfect (minus the massive snow storm!) and Kim and I couldn’t have felt more blessed and loved! Thank you really doesn’t do it justice. To be in a room with so many people gathering together to help one family is a really powerful experience. And even though the adoption is off, the Mohrs need even more love and prayers now. Please continue to support them in any way that you can… prayers would be awesome.