Kaylee was SO sweet and excited to be our little model for a little while but her brother, Hunter, was SO not digging us! HA! Luckily their awesome mom, Allie, totally understood and knew she’d get way more shots of Kaylee than Hunter. Thanks for being so awesome Allie and even though Hunter didn’t want to work with us I love the few shots we did get!

Kaylee had on one of our favorite outfits of the day (I think most of it was from Gap right Allie?) and Hunter was SO stinking cute, just not interested in the cameras that day! BUT that’s what happens when you try to shoot a toddler at a mini session… you miss all the time you usually have to warm them up and get them used to you so it’s always a gamble! ANYWAY, maybe we’ll get another chance someday to capture this cute little man! Don’t his curls kill you? SO cute! Thanks Allie!