The second installment of the neat families we met in the NICU as we celebrated Seamus’ life!

Next up is Padric!  I smiled to see such a great Irish name, and when we walked in to see him dressed in green, we again knew little Seamus was with us.  As we started shooting this adorable family, we learn that THAT day was Padric’s due date, but he was already 103 days, after being born at just 25 weeks.  And if all that wasn’t enough to have Jodie & I giving each other “the look” and smiling ear to ear (and YES, me through tears!), Mom also told us that Seamus was one of the names they loved and almost named him.

We also got to meet little Julian, who Mom told us was full of spunk and attitude, but he was sweet as could be.  Julian had been born just a month earlier at 24 weeks, weighing in at 1 pound 10 oz.  He was tiny, but much bigger than where he started.  We absolutely adored getting to chat with his mom…. who has the BEST hair ever, and who also, incidentally, was wearing GREEN, Seamus’ color.  And such a devoted and proud Momma of her gorgeous boy!

We had a bit of time in our schedule to squeeze in a few extra families, and I’m so glad the nurses talked Matthew’s mom into letting us take some photos too!  Matthew is a CDH survivor.  Don’t know what that is?  Neither did I until I got the opportunity to meet some families affected by CDH last year HERE and HERE.  You can read more about CDH HERE because until I met these families, I had no idea that is was one of the most common birth defects, and awareness and research is needed!  Matthew is very lucky.  And very adorable.  With a very sweet Mom!

Stay tuned for more babies/families!