As promised, a few more of Emma, Jack, and Grace!

I have twin nephews, and one thing that always struck me is how they are often referred to as if they are one… “the twins”… I think it’s an easy thing to do, but I think it’s super important to recognize them for the individuals they are, even if they look identical!

And these three most definitely already have very clear little personalities!

This is sweet Emma.  She was born first, and though it may sound funny, she already seems to be the one “in charge”.  She liked to keep her eyes on the younger two, as if to remind them that she’s the boss.  She has the most hair, and it’s so super soft, and her skin coloring is absolutely gorgeous, especially for a newborn!
st. louis newborn triplets photography

Next in birth order is Jack.  He is such a sweet and mellow guy.  If he happens to get fussy, you can put him with one or both of his sisters, and he’s instantly calm.  He loves being curled up with them, and was not bothered in the least when Emma pottied right on him.  He’s got the best strawberry blonde hair.
saint louis newborn photographer

And rounding out the trio is little Grace.  They say dynamite comes in small packages, and this is Grace to a T.  She may be the smallest of the three, but she is definitely most mighty and strong.  Though she doesn’t have as much hair as Emma, it’s just as super soft.
st. louis newborn triplet photographers

And just because it’s so darn cute to see all three together:
st. louis newborn triplet twins photography