I know Jodie is really appreciating all the prayers, texts, emails, etc from everyone!  It really helps to get through a really horrible time knowing you’ve got lots of people lifting you up!

I also know she would especially love for your continued prayers for sweet Parker.  The neurologist is now thinking it may be more serious than just the febrile seizures, given the way she is still being affected and acting.  I know with visiting with her last night, she still wasn’t acting completely like *Parker*… and I know how Jodie’s mom instincts were kicking in high gear with something not being right.  So remember little Parker today as she awaits her MRI, without being able to eat anything since about 9pm last night and her MRI isn’t scheduled until 1:45 this afternoon.

Pray for answers, for peace.

edited to add:  feel free to email me at kim @ freshartphotography.com if you’d like to help with meals/gift cards for when they get home!