To say that I love this session is such an understatement. My heart is heading back to my roots I think. Lifestyle photography is so a part of me. It’s ingrained. It’s what I shoot every day at my own home, of my own family. They are the photos I fill my walls with and create albums with that my kids look at everyday. They are the tiny moments captured that bring me to tears because just a few years past and it’s hard to remember how small they once were. They are the moments I’ll treasure in 20 years as well. When people say they would run into their burning house to save their photographs I bet it’s the albums they grab and not the perfect canvas hanging over the fireplace. Those perfect family portraits have a place in my heart too. They are great to have and something to be proud of. But these private moments? The ones no one really sees except your own family? They’re priceless. To be invited into another family’s world is like being handed this incredible treasure. And my prayer is that I just do it justice.