I let Kim’s post sit on the blog for a bit to let it soak in and make sure our awesome clients had a chance to read it. Then I followed up with one of the sweetest and happiest babies we’ve had in a long time. Mostly because her parents deserved their sneak peek and partially because I still don’t know what to say to follow Kim’s announcement.

It’s all still just sinking in really. When she told me her plans it immediately turned my world upside down. It wasn’t surprising to me because she’s one of my best friends and I can easily see this is the best move for her, her family and her soul. It was, however, shocking. And life changing. And sad.

I think that’s the part I still am struggling with. I’m sad that she’s stepping back. I adore working with her and will miss her. I’ll miss knowing I have someone in my corner, someone that 100% gets where I am. I’ll miss seeing her multiple times per week and riding with her to sessions talking about, well, everything.

It’s also overwhelming. Obviously. In the midst of our busy season we had to sit back and reinvent the wheel a bit. I knew if I was going to take the reigns of this business I HAD to streamline things. New sessions, new pricing, new marketing pieces, new website content, etc. A LOT of reworking things that have been working great for us, a lot of redesigning, just a lot of WORK!

And at the heart of it all my insecurities are working overtime. Scared I can’t do it alone, worried about the new session/pricing and wondering if I’ll ever sleep again.


There are also so many things I’m excited about! As nervous as I am about the new way I’m pricing I know it’s a HUGE savings for our clients. I’m excited to pursue mini sessions in new ways, we’ve always done mini sessions as charity events because splitting mini sessions is never super profitable, but now I can go with some ideas that have been brewing. It’s kind of fun to take this little business places I want to go without making sure it works for another person and another family. And I’m SO excited that Kim is hanging with me on newborns and finishing up all previously booked/paid sessions which means we’ll be working together a lot for the next year! She’s not really going too far! And she’s been the most amazing support and sounding board for me as I walk this new path.

My emotions are all over the place!

It’s just new. And I was comfortable. But I trust that this is the exact road God planned for me and I’m going to walk in faith.

Not that you care, but the way we had our business set up originally was that I was a contract worker for Kim. It made sense 2+ years ago and it just worked fine. But today my own LLC was born! That’s a HUGE step out in faith because it scares the crap out of me to run the business end of things by myself. I own Jodified LLC. but will have Fresh Art Photography as my DBA so nothing will change. UGH you guys! Today was a big day for me!

I heard a talk in college once about stepping out of the boat. Meaning, when you feel insecure you need to take that step of faith into the unknown and trust that God will hold you up. Today was the day for me. That first official step.

Moving ahead I have a feeling this blog will get a bit more personal. I’ll still blog family photos HERE but I’m going to take you with me on this new journey. I want to be open about life as a busy mom of three and a business owner. Because I know SO many of you are walking the same road as me and might want company. I want to share my heart because that’s what this business is to me; an extension of my heart. Of me. The highs and lows are so important to be honest about I think.

If you haven’t seen how I’m changing up the sessions I offer please take a look HERE. My sweet friend Betsy King let me totally and completely steal her session idea in hopes of getting my business as streamlined as hers is now. THANK YOU BETSY! A serious life saver. If you are a client with questions please shoot me an email!

This is NOT going to be a smooth road you guys. Taking over the back end of the business while keeping up with the front and middle all while working a second job and trying my best to be a good wife/mother/friend might just kill me! Or I’m for sure going to gain some more weight as I drink myself into a Mountain Dew frenzy and eat all my kid’s Halloween candy just to stay up late and edit! Or blog. I am excited to blog more on here!

Anyway, there are going to be a whole bunch of ugly bumps on my road I’m guessing so please hang with me. Right now I am doing the absolute best I can.

Thank you all so much for your kind words for Kim.  She has been the most amazing partner and friend to me… because ask anyone that knows me well… I am NOT easy to work with! HA! Seriously, she put up with me for over two years and I am blessed for it. I know your encouragement made this transition so much easier for her.

Kim, you have been such a good friend to me. A best friend. A source of constant support and advice. The best listener to my rants. A keeper of secrets. An encourager and someone that showed me for the very first time I was worth something. Kim, you gave me courage and confidence I never had before. You taught me about photography, marriage, motherhood and friendship. You have been one of the biggest blessings in my life and I am so lucky to have you. Thanks for the last two+ years. And thanks for trusting in me enough to move forward with me still. It’s a new adventure and I’m so glad I’m not doing it completely alone!