When I was a kid I played softball and one summer we went to our coach’s lake house for the day or weekend or something. My memory is fuzzy except for the part where I was the ONLY girl not able to get up while learning how to water ski. In fact, not only did I not get up but I never figured out how to let GO of the rope either so the few times I tried I got drug behind the boat for way too long. And that was that. I’ve had so many opportunities to water ski since then but that one experience totally freaked me out about the whole thing and I was determined that it was just something I couldn’t ever do.

I’ve written about this before but basically in the last few years I’ve come to realize that Chris loves to have adventures with me. The more I push myself, try new things and take risks the more fun he has with me. Not that he would love me less if I didn’t push myself but I love to see the way his eyes light up when I do.

So this summer I decided to try water skiing again. Which is my Everest.

When Chris and I lived in Spokane I was about 8 months pregnant with Bails and we had gone for a walk in our neighborhood. There was a park we liked to walk to and dream about what it would be like to be parents. On the way home it was all uphill and I got to one of the massive hills, sat down and told him to go get the car that I wasn’t going to make it up the hill. We joked about all the ways for him to get me home (like rolling me) but then he pulled me to my tired and achy feet and said, “THIS is your Everest Jod. You can do it. One foot in front of the other.” And of course I sucked it up and got up the hill. Now anytime I face something that seems impossible I consider it my current Everest!

Back to water skiing.

The first time was disastrous. The second time out it took me 4-5 tries but I got up (and screamed the entire time). The third time it took me a few tries but when I got up I felt more confident. The fourth time my parents were at the lake with us so while C drove the boat my dad took some shots of me and I’m SO glad he did! Out of all the things I’ve tried in the last few years this was my biggest accomplishment by far and the one I’m most proud of! Would I miss it if I never water skied again? Not really. But will I get back out there next summer? Yep! If nothing else to show my kids I can still do it because if I love C’s reaction to me doing something hard watching my kids see me succeed at something new is incredible! They were SO proud of me!

Of course my dad caught a major wipe-out! HA!

I even made it outside the wake that time!

My dad caught this shot of Gray and I kind of love it…

Wanna know who else tried to water ski this summer?

My sweet and determined Bails. These shots are totally out of focus b/c I was boat driver and photographer and two-other-kids-in-the-boat-watcher BUT look who got up!

It was only for about 5 second BUT I CAUGHT IT and forever she can say that she got up at age 6! SO cool and so much more studly than her momma!

As I face down an entirely too busy September I was thinking about what my current Everest is. I haven’t decided yet but I’m leaning towards BALANCE. Finding balance when I have 15+ sessions per month, the kids are in school plus several sports, Chris is coaching, my volunteer commitments at my church are growing, I’m trying to cook more, work out more, budget more, etc. But maybe it’s something else entirely too! At least I can put a BIG check mark next to WATER SKI in my life book!

What is your Everest right now?