I came across these shots from spring break back in March and it was like the clouds parting on a rainy day to let the sunshine in! Spring break started out SO rough with LICE and then Chris leaving for five days (after our annual argument about how much time he spends doing soccer and yaddah yaddah yaddah) but then I pulled up my big girl pants and decided to have fun regardless of the mounds of lice laundry and being alone with the kids. And you know what? Once I changed my attitude and perspective on the situation we had a blast! A BLAST! We had adventures every day, explored and just laughed so much! It slipped by so quickly that coming across these today made me smile. I love being a mom so much, even on the really rough days when I want to run FAR away, and all the shots from spring break remind me of that.

These specific shots were not planned. I am certainly not the super cool photog mom that plans elaborate sessions with her own kids. I am actually the exact opposite. And I totally envy the women that can do that. Like her and her and her. I would love to have photos of my kids that look like that! I just never have it in me. So these happened because this umbrella had just come in the mail from Urban Outfitters and was in the car still. We were at Forrest Park heading to the Mammoth exhibit at The History Museum when we passed this little area with gorgeous white (weeds) wildflowers. Gray was asleep so we were just driving around anyway when I decided to pull over and let the girls run around with the umbrella. They were having a blast so I got out and brought my camera. Their outfits weren’t planned, their hair wasn’t done, it was late afternoon after a long day of playing, it took just a few minutes (because Gray was asleep in the car) and yet I totally love these. They make me smile. And they SO represent my girls right now. Bailey wanting to make up poses and fake smile for the camera with me trying to make her laugh so I can get her genuine smile. Letting her sister take a turn without protest because she is (mostly) an incredible big sister. Parker moving so fast I can barely keep up! Dancing and singing and jumping and twirling. My sweet, kind, thoughtful and spirited little girl who will do everything to not look at the camera! I could go on and on about how much I love these girls God gave me. The two biggest surprises in my life! Man I love them!