Last week was tough. Three super sick kids spaced out over six LONG days at home dealing with high fevers, puke, sore throats, arguments over who gets to pick the movie, etc. So moving into Mother’s Day all I really wanted was one huge BREAK from my kids. But we had things to do at church and family to visit and just a whole long list for the day ahead of us. At 3:30pm when we were just getting home and our day was already way off schedule (things at church took WAY longer thane expected which bumped everything back) I was ready to call our other plans quits. Gray was crabby and not feeling 100% yet, we had skipped naps which was not the best idea and the part of the day that I actually wanted to do seemed impossible. But as we pulled into the driveway, Chris convinced me that we could still do it all and so we changed clothes and headed out. All I had really wanted to do yesterday (aside from getting my break) was to take Chris and Bailey to Sylvan Springs Park where I had taken Gray and Parker over spring break back in March. I wanted to show Chris this enchanted place because I want to spend lots of time there this summer. So we got out there around 4pm and had just a little bit of time before we knew we had to head back for dinner. But that little bit of time was all I needed. I needed to watch my kids play and laugh and I needed to sit next to my husband and soak it all in. 30 minutes was all I got yesterday and it was perfect!

Sometimes that’s all you need I think. I had dreams about having the entire day to myself but it was good to spend time with family… really good. And at the end of a busy day at the end of a long week I had just enough time to be reminded how much I love my family! And I think that’s what Mother’s Day is really all about. It’s about being a MOM. So you make sacrifices and you do things for other people and you balance a busy schedule and you get your kids ready for the day and you take care of things you committed to and then, in just 30 minutes time, you play with your kids and remember why you do it all day in and day out.

My Mother’s Day wasn’t perfect but it was the perfect day to be a mom, if that makes any sense!

I have this quote hanging in my kitchen from HERE and I’ve been told it’s a bit melodramatic but I don’t think it is. I think it’s perfect. It says, “It is very simple, she thought. You get up, you go, you do, you see, you put one foot in front of the other and along the way you do your very best to enjoy it.”

I think that’s the beauty of being a mom. No day is perfect all the way through. At least I haven’t had one! HA! And some days just downright suck! But you do it all again and again because even on the worst days your kids make you smile or laugh or remind you just how much you love your imperfect life!

I hope all of you moms and soon-to-be moms had a fantastic day yesterday! Chris gave me the one gift I asked for… he took a few shots of me which each of my kids! These shots are not perfect but MAN do I love them! Thanks C!

The girls turned the camera on us and ONE was in focus! HA! Not the best shot but Chris and I are so rarely in photos together I treasure this one also!

Welcome to the new week!