So what a way to introduce myself to some Jodified blog followers who may not know me… going straight for a little personal PSA!

First off, as Jodie loves to share just to see reactions, I have seven children.  Four of which are boys.  I never in all my boy raising have heard of such a thing as testicular torsion (I *told* you it was going straight on personal… and cringing at the google hits we’ll be getting now since I typed that word out).  Never knew it was possible, and definitely didn’t know the symptoms and how serious it was!

My littlest boy, Thomas, will be 5 next month.  My husband, Bill, mentioned a week ago Sunday after I got back from a session that he was swollen down there, he had noticed it yesterday, thought he had a bug bite or something, and didn’t give it much more thought, but now it was pretty swollen.

I checked, and definitely was and he said it was sore when I asked, but he hadn’t been complaining one bit.  Just the morning before at a soccer game, a mom was telling a story of a friend who’s son had severe swelling, something about a testicle twisting and having to have it removed…. so I said I was taking him to urgent care right then.  Bill thought I was over-reacting.  *I* thought I was probably over-reacting, but had to go in just from hearing that story, otherwise it was probably something I would have waited until the next morning to take him to our pediatrician.

It was at urgent care, once we got in and the doctor looked, that I began to understand the seriousness of what this was.  He told me to go NOW, right NOW down to Cardinal Glennon.  Do not go home.  Do not feed him.  GO!  After and agonizing drive down, they whoosed us right back and called in the ultrasound tech, and later urology team.

You see, testicular torsion is when the testicle, for whatever reason, gets twisted.  Specifically, the spermatic cord does, which provides the blood supply. And when twisted, the blood supply is cut off, so the testicle and surrounding tissues begin to die.  If caught early enough, it can be saved. So Thomas was rushed into surgery, not knowing how long the supply had been cut off.  Not knowing if they’d be able to save it.  And still trying to digest all that was happening.  That this could really happen, and it was happening to my baby boy… who was stoically handling it all like a champ.

Unfortunately, they were not able to save it, but they did anchor down the other so it would not do the same thing.  The urologist told us over and over not to question ourselves, or play the “what if” games.  But we do.  But mostly, I’m now on a mission to tell all moms of boys that something like this is possible and what signs to look for.  So many that I’ve talked to so far had NO CLUE.  None.

So if your boy ever complains of pain (which Thomas didn’t) or has sudden swelling, take them in right away.  It’s better to be nothing.  I’ve also learned that stomach pain and vomiting can be symptoms, which Thomas had the Thursday night prior.  We thought at the time it was a tummy bug, but looking back that might have been the point it started.

The good news is it should not effect his future fertility.  He does need to be super careful and wear a cup for any sports… or even Tiddlywinks the urologist said.  He’s handled it all great.  No pain meds after, which really just blows my mind!  I’ve had to remind him several times to not run, jump, or bounce down the stairs while recovering.

A few pitiful photos… after all, this *is* a blog of photographers…. though it’s just phone camera images.

pre-surgery.. he should be in excruciating pain about now, but kind of okay watching Disney channel!


post surgery… enjoying one of MANY green popsicles. His nurses quickly realized Thomas’ favorite color is green and he LOVES popsicles.

IMG_0098-EditStill a little groggy and facinated by his glowing finger:
IMG_0100-Editpoor pitiful guy!
Feeling much better after sleeping and having a big breakfast!
I promise next time to blog about something fun… and no more mention of testicles.  Or not that much anyway, I do have four boys!