I was getting ready to run to the post office and pick up the kids from my mom’s yesterday afternoon when she called and screamed, “PACK YOUR BAGS! WE’RE GOING TO WISCONSIN!”


Because Abbie’s water broke and ONE HOUR later I had a sitter with my kids and my parents and I were FLYING down the highway from St. Louis Missouri to Madison Wisconsin… and ONE HOUR before Avery was born we got there!

And I captured the whole thing!

Ab’s last belly photo! It was a perfect belly!

And THIS is right after the doctor said…

“Abbie, you are nine and a half centimeters dilated. There is no time for an epidural. You’ll have to do this naturally.”

OMG I thought Abbie was going to hit him! HA!

But DUUUUUUDE. She ROCKED it. There were a few screams, which is when we closed her door to the hallway (the worst thing a first-time mom can hear is another woman in agony!), but it went SO fast and you would NOT believe her today, twelve hours after natural child birth and she’s practically skipping around her room! She feels GREAT! Her exact words… “Jod! You need to have a FOURTH just so you can try natural child birth!”

HA! I just gave Chris a heart attack!

I want to let Abbie tell her story and once she does I will link her blog here… so for now… I’ll let the photos tell the story. Of Avery. My sweet new niece.

Avery Lee Enlund. 7 lbs. 12 oz. 20 inches. And totally perfect. And perfectly beautiful!

Welcome Avery. We love every little ounce of you already! And congratulations to my TOUGH AS NAILS sister and brother-in-law! Two little girls! It’s so so awesome and you’re going to love every minute!