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SO I have this crazy talented friend in CA whom I’ve never met but love all the same and her name is Pascale Wowak. I’m SURE you’ve heard of her! HERE is her blog you should definitely check out!

And while she’s busy with her two cute kiddos and a super successful photography business she somehow found time to write a book. Not just a book but her SECOND book! It’s kind of annoying she’s able to get so much done! HA!

Her first book covered ALL the basics to photography and this second e-book is all about starting and sustaining a successful photography business! So if you already have the basics down and you’re thinking about starting your own business you should definitely read this first!

AND she’s offering our readers a DISCOUNT! The price of the book is $99 but if you enter “freshart” when ordering it will take the price down to $75!

How cool is that?

Go HERE to read her detailed post about the book and to order your book!