Kim and I have spent a few weeks praying and talking about this. Because ultimately we had two slots to give to donated session for the Mohr Mini shoot on March 26th. But then we raised a little more money, even though there was just NO way we could fit in any more families that day. And then, we had SO many (over 50) nominated families that tugged at our hearts! So we just felt like we had a big decision before us.

And here is what we decided. We are giving a free session to NINE families.

At the end of the day we chose the families whose stories really touched our hearts. Who we feel could benefit from a Fresh Art session in one way or another. And who had someone that really cares for them send in the nomination. Not to say that all the rest aren’t deserving or weren’t sent in by loved ones, because they are and were! But if we did 50 free sessions this year we’d be living with my parents forever! HA! So nine is our number!

I’m not going to share their stories until we actually meet them and they personally let us know if it’s ok or not. So for now I’m going to just list the winners and what they won!

1. Maria Michelsen nominated Will Saykes and we’d love to gift him a free mini session for his one year birthday this fall!

2. Jessica Strom nominated her niece Felicity and we’d love to have her at the Mohr Mini Session! Email me for times available!

3. Katie Schorr nominated Jessica Brawner and we’d love to offer this family a mini session sometime this summer!

4. Emily Hines nominated Ben and Aimee who are due with their baby this month! We’d love to offer them a free newborn session! Contact me asap!

5. Crystal Mueller will receive a Mohr Mini! Email me for times available!

6. Lindsey Merrill nominated the Marshall family and we’d love to gift them a summer mini!

7. Carey nominated the Caffey family and we’d love to gift them a summer mini OR a Mohr mini! Email me for details!

8. Hannah Edwards nominated Maria and Ike who we’d love to gift a one year session to their kiddo this fall!

9. Carole Morden nominated her granddaughter and we’d love to offer their family a summer mini session!

If you are the person who nominated someone and they don’t read this blog please let them know they have to email me to claim their gift! Emily Hines… I need Aimee to contact me ASAP! Mohr mini winners need to email me asap too to get their time slot and details of the day!

Kim and I base our business on giving back and it makes us really happy to be able to do all these sessions this year for free! Thanks to everyone who nominated someone and if your family wasn’t chosen please try again the next time b/c I’m sure we’ll do something like this again!