So yeah, Jodie and I had the brilliant idea to load up her one and three year old and my two year old and squeeze in a quick photo shoot this morning.  Into the Weiss-mobile, Wow Wow Wubzy on loop, snack bags packed, and we were off!  Crazy?  Probably! But thankfully the subjects were an empty gym and dance studio!  That the kids got to test out!


This gym and dance studio were completely transformed into these amazing rooms now!  Remember this incredible weight room?

The one that used to look like this?

Which was a mirror room to what is now THIS amazing gym!

Normandy School District also did a great job in completely redoing  this fabulous dance studio:

Curious as to how we accomplished these panoramic shots?  No, not a fancy lens, though a nice wide angle/fish eye may accomplish it, we simply used the 24-70 2.8 lens at 24mm, stood firmly in one spot, and rotated shooting across the room.  Yes, all the better to use a tripod, I’m sure, but seem to avoid using one at all costs.  Then it’s just a matter of merging each little section in Photoshop, and you get this great panoramic image!