Kim and I have had some photo shoots recently with a local high school… they just redid an old gym and created the MOST amazing athletic center! We went out, photographed it and then created some marketing materials for them. Our true passion is with newborns, we adore families and love seniors but it is really fun every once in a while to jump out of your comfort zone and photograph something different… like a BIG GIANT workout center!

normandy print 2

Did you see that BEFORE and AFTER? I mean seriously! Awesome.

So the CFO of Normandy School District called me today to see if we could come out last minute to their BIG football game tonight…






Now, I do not know a heck of a lot about football. And what I know is from Chris telling me when we were sophomores in college and would hang out on Sunday’s in my dorm watching football. Which I only did b/c I was madly in love with him and would have done ANYTHING to hang out with him! Because football totally and completely bores me actually.

But NOT last night.

Not when you’re standing on the sidelines watching these kids work their hardest to win.

Not when it could be these seniors last game.

It was exciting. And emotional. And I got completely lost in the moment.

Even though I had to ask Leon if they had switched sides and other questions that made me look like a total idiot!

And then at the very end of the game, when Normandy was down 7-14 they got a touchdown. And then they scored those 2 extra points (whatever they are called!) and this is that moment when they took the lead…



It was so awesome.

After the game, when they’d won, Kim and I were giving each other high fives all over the place! We’re such nerds but it was SO great!

According to Chris, who is my personal sport expert, Normandy will now advance to the State Quarter Finals this Saturday… which is a HUGE deal for this school!


(Well, AND Webster since they won last night too and that’s where C teaches and I think he’d be mad if I didn’t at least cheer them on too! HA! So… GO WEBSTER!)

And if you want to see some highlights from this game go HERE!

Kim and I love our newborns. For sure. But this was REALLY a fun change for us!


We have two sneak peeks to get up this week (thanks for being patient Lopez family and Golterman family!) but we have a big day today! A newborn session this morning and then something kind of exciting! I’ll share here if it all works out! But if you can, say a prayer for me around 1:30pm please!!! THANKS!