It’s the start of a new month and that always feels like an opportunity for new adventures for me. Especially the next two months. So many things to look forward to, so many things on the to do list to finish, so many things to be excited about and thankful for.

This month I am going to work hard at ignoring the stress that 33 sessions last month creates for me. I’m going to be excited for another booked month of shooting and opportunities and new ventures. I’m going to not drink a drop of soda at home (I’m allowing myself treats if we’re out to eat ONLY) and keep my big cup full of water and iced tea. I’m going to finalize my handmade Christmas list and get started checking things off. I’m going to craft with the kids. I’m going to take full days off for adventures and play. I’m going to capture my life more and forget about the perfect shot. I’m going to be thankful.

I’m going to do one photo a day on Instagram (jodified on Instagram) of something I’m thankful for or ten photos a day if it’s that kind of day! Please join me! I want to beat the stress that hits me this time of year but reminding myself daily what an awesome life the Lord has allowed me to carve out here.

Today I’m taking it slow this morning. Answering emails and putzing around the house. I’m having lunch with my sister and friends (happy birthday Tricia!). I’m meeting another photographer for the first time. I’m working in a crazy cool space with the best family around (Mohr’s on the blog again soon!). I’m soaking up this weather! And I’m reveling in our Halloween where 40+ people came to our home for dinner, drinks, candy and just sitting around the bonfire laughing together. Old friends, new friends, family and neighbors. We had a baby less than a year old and someone turning 90 this week! It was amazing and I’ll share the few images I took soon!

Not sure how I can even describe last night except that it’s become one of my favorite nights of the year. I stood there at one point just soaking it in and wanted to pinch myself. I don’t deserve the amazing people God has put in my life. Blessed. And thankful! A perfect way to start out this month!

Happy November everyone! It’s going to be awesome!