Is it almost 10pm on the last day of November? Am I just now blogging our November Fresh Favorites? Did we totally forget about this as the craziest season ever winds down?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

SORRY November families! We love you, we are just trying to get your orders out and forgot all about this part of the deal!

So on to our AWESOME November sessions!

REMEMBER: to vote you have to leave a comment on THIS post or it DOES NOT COUNT! You may only vote once. You may send this to everyone you know and beg for votes… at the end of the day it’s kind of a glorified popularity contest! Or really it just shows us who is hard core and asks their entire family, all their friends, co-workers and ex-boyfriends to vote for them! HA! The contest will end DECEMBER 1st at MIDNIGHT.

And the prize? Check it out after you see all of these amazing people!

#1: Phoebe


#2: The Volleyball Boys


#3: The Murphy Family


#4: Lila


#5: Claire


#6: Gretchen


#7: Brooke


#8: Nicole


#9: The Tallo Family


#10: The Lopez Family


#11: Jillian


#12: Coco


Oh MAN is it tough competition this month!

And the prize for the most votes?

Our newest product… Fresh Calendars!

FAMILY_calendar blog

They are AWESOME! They come in many styles (only one shown) and in three sizes. Prices start at $45… a perfect add-on gift for the grandparents or a fun addition to your office!

We will be giving our November Fresh Favorite a calendar in the 11×16 size mounted on styrene!

AND… because we love launching new and fun products… for this week only ALL calendars are 25% off! If your gallery is closed just email us if you’re interested and we’ll reopen it for 24 hours so you can order! AND we’ll have them in plenty of time to get them wrapped and under the tree!



Let’s ROCK this again… think you November peeps can beat the October record of 545 votes???